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Fantasy flow through Provence

By Scott Jawns

A Provence Audi hire allows you to travel the length and depth of the stunning region with exceptional class. Make your destination the exclusive beaches of St Tropez to rub shoulders with the world’s most famous, beautiful and talented.

Rent the Audi Q7, a prestigious SUV that carries itself with dignity and yet a flair of charismatic charm. A favourite for its flexible interior concept that has a surplus of luggage space to suit almost all occasions. Perfect for the beautiful backdrop of St Tropez travel through the city to explore the inside of the Butterfly house or Annonciade Museum where the works of Paul Signac, Braque, Matisse can be found.

In the RS7 Sportback, built with incredible power and cutting edge engineering, it offers a drive of elegance. Likewise the Audi R8 Spyder is for those who want all these aspects but in the sleek and sexy lines of a convertible. Make sure to visit Place des Lices where the world’s beautiful and glittery get together to play a game of boules whilst sipping Pastis shaded by the leafy trees under the sun’s warmth.

Rent an Audi in Provence, for stuff that dreams are made of spills over onto the streets.

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