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May the divine force drive with you

By Scott Jawns

Rent a prestige vehicle from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to discover the hallowed burial site of France’s royalty. St Denis is located just on the outskirts of Paris and makes the ideal destination for a day’s outing. Not all serious and sombre, there is a vibrant multicultural feel that includes a futuristic stadium, an interactive science museum, the Géode - a giant mirror like sphere, from which 3D and i-max movies are played and the Parc de la Villette. Get on board, we’ll show you around.

Make your choice the Lexus LFA, the Mercedes Benz CLS class, or the BMW M3 all available within our executive fleet of vehicles. These cars are prestigious, not just for their looks, but their out performing capabilities. First stop ought to be the Basilique de Saint Denis, considered by many to be one of the most sacred sights in all of France. The ornate royal tombs that are found here state their presence with remarkable statuary.

In the executive BMW 3 series M3 hire visit the Stade de France, an 80,000 seat stadium, it was built for the 1998 football world cup, where France miraculously beat Brazil in a 3-0 score. Perhaps the stadium’s location close to the haunted royal tombs is not incidental. Divine intervention appears to be enhanced by proximity.

In a prestige rental from Charles de Gaulle Airport, may god be with you.

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