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Ville des Gones

By Ethan Hews

Ville des Gones -The Kids’ City, as Lyon is known- is emerging from the shadow of Paris to become France’s fashionable new ­destination. Hire a prestige car in Lyon Airport with our ‘meet and greet’ service and make the most of your stay.

Cruise on your Rolls Royce Wraith towards Parc de la Tête d'Or, the largest urban park in France at 117 hectares and featuring a large lake on which boating takes place during the summer months. Visit the Cathedral of St John, the Ancient Theatre of Fourvière and the Musée des beaux-arts. The RR Wraith is fitted with a mighty 6.6 litre, twin turbo-charged V12 engine and is expertly hand built and fitted with coach doors, natural leather upholstery, exquisite wooden interior and wool carpets for a powerful and comfortable ride.

For a taste of typical and traditional Lyonnaise fare, stop for lunch at a bouchon. Homey dishes made with pork, organ meats, sausages and veal sweetbreads are served on big enameled pots placed on top of red-and-white-checked tablecloth and accompanied by lots of Beaujolais and a friendly atmosphere.

Drive your Lexus LS Hybrid, a sublime and iconic piece of automotive engineering to the Croix-Rousse quarter for an apres-lunch walk. Views from the top are breathtaking and is a big contrast to the rest of this city. A lively neighbourhood, historically home to the workers of Lyon’s famed silk industry, has become a hip bohemian hangout, with vintage-clothes boutiques, retro antiques stores, funky young designers and a host of lively late-night bars and cafes. An Impressive vehicle with tremendous power, the LS hybrid line boasts nearly every tech, comfort, and luxury amenity available in its class.

From sights of historical impact to traditional and colorful folklore, see it all with a prestige car hire in Lyon Airport.

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