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Brighten up your stay in the Capital of Light

By Ethan Hews

Lyon is quickly becoming France’s new fashionable destination. Known as the City of Light, make sure to brighten up your arrival with a Porsche rental from Lyon Airport with our exclusive ‘meet and greet’ service.

If you happen to be in Lyon during the early days of December, don’t miss the famous light festival 'Fête des Lumières'. Drive around town on the luxury Porsche Cayenne SUV and see the spectacular effect caused by the thousands of candles placed along the outsides of all the windows in every house. Enjoy the light show hosted by the Place des Terreaux and visit the Basilica of Fourvière which is lit up in different colours.

Race your Porsche Panamera, the world’s fastest 4 door sedan, to Croix-Rousse quarter. Views from the top are breathtaking and the neighborhood is a big contrast to the rest of this city. A lively, multi-ethnic neighbourhood, is rapidly becoming a hip bohemian hangout, with vintage-clothes boutiques, retro antiques stores, funky young designers and a host of lively late-night bars and cafes. Above all, there’s the morning market, stretching seemingly forever along Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, with every kind of food stall imaginable. And for a change from traditional Lyonnaise cuisine, the market has been invaded by France’s latest trend - food trucks. Breath in Lyon’s cultural heritage as it blends together with a modern and hip vibe.

Hire a Porsche in Lyon Airport and brighten up your stay.

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