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La Chartreuse, Ste Croix en Jarez

By Nicole Harris

Cruise out of Lyon Airport in style in a McLaren. It is the stylish way to see the French countryside.

McLaren rental at Lyon Airport gives you an informed choice of travel. Allow our professional Meet and Greet Service to welcome you and hand you the keys to your exclusive vehicle.

Drive the McLaren 570S, this sports coupé is totally driver orientated and offers racetrack handling on the road. Alternatively, rent a McLaren 675 LT, this exclusive series production car will stop people in their tracks as you scream past.

A scenic one hour drive south takes you to the charming village of Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez. This small town, steeped in history, is known for its 13th century Carthusian Monastery, inhabited by Monks for hundreds of years until they were evicted during the French Revolution. The buildings were sold to local families and slowly transformed into a little village untouched by modern life and frozen in time for over 200 years.

Take a guided tour and enter the village through a large stone doorway which leads onto the two squares, Cour des Frères and Cour des Pères. See where the Monks worked and the cells in which they lived. Admire the ancient brown stone structures and explore the underground tunnels that connect the village to the small local stream. Admire the 14th century murals and then head for the delightful bakery, where the smell of fresh bread will make you hunger for a simple country lunch.

Rent a McLaren at Lyon Airport, we offer bespoke packages for self-drive business and holiday trips.

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