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Sample the famous German Kolsch in Cologne

By Brittany Nue

When in Germany, do as Germans do and drink Kölsh. It is the local brew and must be sampled.

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Kölsh is a dialect in German. However, the drink is a different story! There are 26 different brands and only select breweries ever carry this revered name. Start at The Brauhaus Früh am Dom, a 100 year old pub near the cathedral, it is one of the most famous in the city. Attendants serve the ale one after another, keep drinking until you have had enough and then cover your glass with a beer pad. Stroll along the banks of the Rhine and stop at a café for another Kölsh. Order it with Halven Hahn, a rye roll, topped with Gouda cheese and mustard, pickles and onion on the side.

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