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Leave a lock at the love-lock Hohenzollern Bridge

By Brittany Nue

Lock your love away on an iconic Bridge in Cologne. It offers a charming tradition to ensure everlasting love.

For a perfect self-drive vacation, BMW rental in Cologne offers an exclusive range of high-class vehicles, choose one to suit your style.

When your desire to drive a BMW surpasses everything else, try our BMW X6. Powerful and athletic, it combines the presence of an X model and the sportiness of a coupé for a superior ride. Alternatively, drive our BMW 6 Series Convertible. Drop the top and cruise to the Hohenzollern Bridge in ultimate style.

This is sure to be an unusual experience. As you get closer to the bridge, you will notice a wall of colour made up of thousands of padlocks in every shape and size. They are decorated with ribbons and gems, some are simple, others extravagantly ornate. Lovers lock in their love and then throw the key into the River Rhine. This fun bridge has become a Cologne institution. Buy your own padlock in a souvenir shop near by and add it to the wall. Make sure you get a selfie doing it!

Hire a BMW in Cologne is a sure way to enjoy your trip.

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