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Take a sky high trip in the Cologne cable car

By Scott Jawns

The Cologne Cable Car is a fun experience, offering great city views from up high.

Sports car rental in Cologne is a stylish way to travel. Allow our Meet and Greet Service to welcome you at Cologne Bonn airport (CGN), we will have everything arranged.

Made for a rare driver, we offer a range of exclusive rare vehicles. Our Lexus LS Hybrid is a four-door luxury sedan that will delight you with exhilarating performance, brilliant technology and bold styling. For a limited edition, our Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design has only ever been experienced by a handful of drivers. Be one of them in Cologne.

The cable car, established in 1957, has carried over 15 million passengers to date. See stunning views of the Old Town and the Cologne Cathedral. The fifty cabins carry 2000 people per hour. Take a one way trip and then stroll back along the scenic banks of the River Rhine. Stop in at Lommerzheim, or Lommi, as it is locally known. Is is a quintessential Cologne restaurant. Share a long wooden table with the locals and order Koteletten, huge pork cutlets with fried onions.

Be noticed and acknowledged as an exclusive driver, rent a supercar in Cologne.

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