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Discover Bonn’s culture

By Ethan Hews

Venture out with your group in your Luxury Van for a taste of Baroque architecture, landscaped gardens and historical machines.

Take a fabulous drive south from Cologne to Bonn. The architecture and rich history will thrill culture lovers. Visit the Kreuzbergkirche Church, a beautiful example of Baroque architecture which also serves as a German language and culture school. See the Heiliger Steige, Holy Staircase which according to legend has pieces of the cross of Jesus embedded in the stone.

Visit the Alter Friedhof, Old Cemetery, and then set off for art at the Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Music lovers must visit the Beethoven-Haus and the Museum dedicated to his life and work. They will be enchanted by the lock of his hair on display.

For those that adore historical machines then Arithmeum features a collection of historical mechanical calculating machines, the largest in the world, comprising more than 1200 pieces. Also on display here are ropes with knots, ancient abacuses and the modern day PC.

Take some time out at the Poppelsdorfer Schloss and Botanical Gardens This is a peaceful place to relax and watch the sunbathing turtles at the pool.

For those with a sweet tooth, a visit to the Haribo Factory Store is a must. See the exhibits of Haribo memorabilia as well as a huge variety of gummy sweets and gadgets. Buy some to take home!

Enjoy a late afternoon treat at Schokoladen. It offers delicious chocolate-based drinks, freshly made with melted chocolate and milk. Try the amazing chocolate fondue with fresh fruits and cookies.

Luxury Van Rental in Cologne, Germany

Mercedes Viano

Rent Mercedes Viano in Cologne

Discover the Mercedes Benz Viano’s stylish and elegant features of its two models, the Ambiente and the Grand Edition and travel in comfort

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Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Rent Mercedes-Benz V-Class in Cologne

Elegant, spacious and comfortable, the Mercedes Benz V Class is the newest and largest passenger car family

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Mercedes Vito

Rent Mercedes Vito in Cologne

Need to get the project done, or transport a team? The Mercedes Vito is the best solution

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Volkswagen Transporter

New ArrivalRent Volkswagen Transporter in Cologne

Practical and spacious, The Volkswagen Transporter is a luxury van offering a comfortable and secure ride

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Volkswagen Caravelle

Rent Volkswagen Caravelle in Cologne

Drive up to six passengers and their luggage comfortably, safely and in superior style aboard the Volkswagen Caravelle

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