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Arrive at the Hannover Fair in a beautiful Bentley

By Ethan Hews

Hannover may not be your typical tourist city, but it is certainly worth a short visit. Famous for trade fairs, the Expo City hosts more than sixty annual international exhibitions.

Exhibiting or shopping, business or exploring, rent a Bentley in Hannover and experience the city at your own pace. With most of its beautiful buildings bombed during the War, the rebuilt architecture offers magnificent green parks, forests and lakes.

Our luxury sedan Bentley Flying Spur offers incredible speed. Driver and passengers will delight in the serene limousine comfort, while the uncompromising performance will sing on the road. The large jewel headlamps of the exclusive Bentley Flying Spur V8 cannot be mistaken. This high-end vehicle with cutting-edge technology provides an unforgettable driving experience.

After visiting the Hannover Fair, soak up the sun up at the Spring Festival. Explore the ancient Marienburg Castle and the Hannover Zoo. Drive along the meandering Leine River and relax in the Great Garden of Herrenhausen. Stroll around Altstadt, the quaint, restored old town and choose a souvenir. Don't miss the Illuminations, where Grosser Garten is stunningly lit up on summer nights.

Bentley car rental in Hannover for a short term is the perfect way to enjoy this unusual city.

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