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Take the family to the Hannover Zoo

By Ethan Hews

Visit a stunning zoo in the heart of Hannover. The whole family will be enthralled.

Love the fusion between car and road, luxury car rental in Hannover offers a superb choice of elite cars for your holiday trip.

For an indulgent and stylish drive, experience the Mercedes Benz S-Class 350. Exuding class and elegance, you will delight in the raw power of the engine and the appeal that epitomises style and class. For something totally unique, our Tesla Model S is the world's first premium electric sedan. This full-sized plug-in electric five-door, delivers exhilarating performance.

Be thrilled when you step into an animal safari with over 3400 animals in 237 species. See the different exhibits showcasing the Zambezi River, Gorilla Mountain, Yukon Bay, Jungle Palace and the Australian Outback. Each features unique animals and plant life specific to that region. Get up close with a rhino, a kangaroo or a zebra. Children can pet the animals and the brave can hold snakes and large reptiles! In the winter, you can ice-skate, ice curl and try your hand at tobogganing. Afterwards, set off to Eiscafé Gondola, for some ice cream and delicious frozen yoghurt.

Love the sheer fantasy of driving a superb vehicle, rent a luxury vehicle in Hannover for an unforgettable experience.

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