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Ride High in Hannover

By Nicole Harris

When you find yourself traveling to Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany, be sure you match the style and elegance of that stunning city. Renting an executive car in Hannover is your opportunity to raise your trip to the next level and take in the sights and sounds of this medieval relic on the banks of the River Leine.

The German automotive industry is the stuff of legend, but when you park your awe-inspiring Bentley Mulsanne outside the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, no one will look down their nose. This regal vehicle is the pinnacle of class and luxury, something that the Hanoverian kings of old would certainly respect.

That being said, the stylish Porsche Cayenne is not only a sportier choice, but it also comfortably seats five and has an aura of cool panache that will draw endless envy when you park at the Niki de Saint Phalle promenade. Prestige car rentals in Hannover can turn your trip, whether for business or pleasure, into a luxurious paradise away from home.

No one said that traveling and “roughing it” were the same thing – top off your unforgettable journey to Hannover with the prestige and comfort of a deluxe rental.

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