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From Hannover, take a day trip to Brunswick

By Scott Jawns

Brunswick is a one hour drive from Hannover, make it a day visit in your luxurious Porsche.

When style and class are not negotiable, hire a Porsche in Hannover.

If you enjoy diesel, try out our Porsche Cayenne Diesel. It offers five doors, driver-assistance systems and total comfort for a remarkably stylish driving experience. In the words of Porsche 'We have refined our idea of what a roadster should be and honed and sharpened it to give it a completely new expression'. This is the superb Porsche Boxster S, open-top, sleek and sensuous. Drive one in Hannover.

Spend a fun day in this quaint city. Legend tells that is was founded in 861 by Count Dankward, after whom Castle Dankwarderode, is named. See the fabulous Castle Lion which stands on the Burgplatz square. Visit the bright and colourful Rizzi-House. These way-out and funky painted office buildings were designed by James Rizzi, a New York pop-artist. They create an eye-catching feature in the city. Historians will delight at the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, the second-oldest museum in the world. Shop at the Schloss-Arkaden and stop for a meal at the local laid-back Zu den Vier Linden.

Blaze a trail of your own. Porsche rental in Hannover is the option for you.

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