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What is it with Germans and their cars?

By Scott Jawns

Germans certainly love their cars. Fit right in and hire a BMW at the Munich Airport with our meet and greet service at the terminal.

Just as Germans love their cars, Bavarians love their BMW (and their beer of course). The BMW Welt is a tribute to one of the most well-known car companies in the world. Arrive in your BMW M6 Cabrio rental, a high performance 2 door, 4 seat high performance vehicle which features a 5.0 liter V10 engine and a power button for faster throttle response. See all the different BMW models and even sit behind the wheel of one of the BMWs in display.

Vacationing with the family? Fit everyone onboard the 4X4 BMW X5 featuring 7 seats and an improved four-wheel drive system and drive down to Eisbach,on of the coolest places in Munich, to see some river surfing in Downtown Munich.

Drive with the top down on your BMW M3 cabriolet, a luxurious and sporty car with enhanced engine performance and several other prestigious improvements and visit the Asamkirche, a church that is a real baroque masterpiece holding tremendous architectural and historical value, or Friedensengel, the Angel of Peace statue.

Love your car as much as Germans do and hire a BMW at Munich Airport.

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