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By Ethan Hews

Renting a Luxury Van in Munich Airport enables you to take all the family on a long road-trip in the best travelling conditions.

Mercedes Luxury Vans for Hire

Enjoy the ultimate driving experience while renting a Mercedes V-Class, a luxury van with a roomy interior that can sit 8 or 9 people in unparalleled levels of comfort. The V-Class is one the best passenger carriers in terms of comfort and safety. 

Also highly recommended is the Mercedes Vito, a spacious van that combines practicality, comfort and safety equipment.

When you choose a Mercedes, you are sure to get the high-quality of finish as well as a top driving experience. 

From Munich to Regensburg

Head north in your Mercedes V-Class Rental on a one hour trip to the age-old city of Regensburg.

With its history set in ancient times, Regensburg was originally a fortification for the Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius, in 179 AD. The city escaped damage from bombs during World War II and as such, offers a beautifully preserved medieval town with Italian-style merchant houses and towers. Trade connections to Paris and Venice made this a prosperous city that attracted the wealthy.

As you enter the town over the stone bridge that spans the River Danube you will know that you are in a special place! Visit the stunning Regensburg Cathedral on a Sunday morning and be enthralled by the famous boys' choir 'Domspatzen'. Take a tour of an ancient brewery and sample some of the local beer with white sausages. Make sure you add some Händlmaier's Senf, the sweet mustard that locals adore.

Take a peek through the wrought iron gates of the Alte Kapelle. You will be delighted at the stunning interior with its rich rococo decorations. The church is 1000 years old and has vaulted ceilings that were added in the Middle Ages. Visit the Scots Monastery and learn about the small clan of Scottish monks who lived and worked here.

Spend the afternoon visiting the Walhalla, a hall of fame that honours distinguished people and famous personalities in German history. Relax in the magnificent Herzogspark, located on the banks of the River Danube and then head off to the Kneitinger on Arnulfsplatz for a dinner of Bavarian specialities.

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