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Take a day trip from Stuttgart to Heidelberg

By Ethan Hews

Heidelberg is a 90 minute drive from Stuttgart in your fabulous BMW and offers a scenic venue for a day out.

BMW rental in Stuttgart offers an exclusive range of elite vehicles for business or pleasure to suit your specific needs.

Discover the stunning elegance of our BMW X5 styled for total relaxation and supreme comfort. This mid-sized luxurious SUV is ideal for a larger group and a long ride. Drop the top of our BMW 6 Series Convertible and enjoy soaking up the sun. The pure dynamism and the ambiance of this high-end exclusive vehicle will remain with you long after your trip is over.

Heidelberg is a lovely scenic town set on the Neckar River. See the remains of the Heidelberg castle overlooking the Old City. Take a fun trip up in a cable car if you don't feel like walking. The Castle houses the biggest wine barrel in the world, holding 55345 gallons of wine. Visit the Jesuitenkirche, a 1712 Baroque construction and the Heiliggeistkirche. Visit the legendary Forest of Odes and stop for lunch at Restaurant zur Herrenmühle, with its rustic traditional ambiance.

Create a unique experience in your life, hire a BMW in Stuttgart and experience the thrill of a luxury car.

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