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Power starts with an impression

By Ethan Hews

Frankfurt is deemed one of the most liveable cities in the world and it is easy to understand how this city achieves the echelon year in and year out. Home to a mixed collection of top class museums, heaps of green areas, a lively student scene, reliable public transport, quality dining and a fantastic nightlife on offer, it’s all too easy to make a short stay turn into a long one. Hire a BMW in Frankfurt for a weekend booking that has the flexibility to be indefinitely extended.

The BMW 6 series Gran Coupé was designed to inspire, with adaptive LED headlights, 20” light alloy wheels and an aesthetic combination of colours and quality materials are just a few of its features. Stay at Fleming’s Deluxe Hotel for a five star quality hotel that offers a rooftop restaurant with fantastic views over Frankfurt's skyline. Utilise our VIP service and have your BMW rental delivered to you here, the perfect way to rejuvenate and prepare yourself for the busy day ahead.

Hire the BMW 6 Series convertible an unashamed and unabashed scene stealer it has no hesitation to be the sparkling center of attention at all times. Looking sensational drive into the center of Europe’s Manhattan, bristling with skyscrapers, this city is a focal point of business, a hive of activity, a center of where decisions are made.

From one of the world’s largest stock exchanges and the headquarters of the European Central Bank, be the one to make the calls. Rent a BMW in Frankfurt to set the record straight.

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