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Sate Your Appetite in Hungary

By Scott Jawns

Seated firmly in the heart of Europe, Hungary has been at the crux of history for more than a thousand years. Exploring the wonders of Hungary in a prestige rental is a remarkable experience, whether you’re winding through the crowded streets of Budapest or racing into the countryside to relax at Lake Heviz, the largest thermal lake in Europe.

The magnificent Ferrari 458 is an obvious choice, as it is perhaps the sportiest and sexiest car on the market at the moment, and that automotive work of art will certainly wake up the sleepy towns of the magical Hungarian countryside.

Traveling alone is always exciting, but if you’re adventuring through Hungary’s hidden treasures with a bit more company, the lavish Mercedes GL is also a wonderful choice. With seating for 7, you can bring along the whole family as you cruise along the elegant Danube River, the second longest in Europe.

Hiring an executive rental in Hungary will be the best choice you’ve made in a long time, with the exception of visiting this stunning, and often overlooked, destination. Traveling should be exciting and stimulating, but there’s no reason to deny yourself the finer things in life along the way.

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