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Find learning in the university city of Graz

By Nicole Harris

Graz, the second largest city in Austria is known for its many universities. Student life and education make this a worthwhile spot to explore. Graz also offers a fascinating history, it was captured by Ottoman Turks and the Nazis. Explore and learn.

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With awesome power and striking lines, our Range Rover Sport HSE provides a great drive for a larger group. The Oxford perforated leather seats and surround sound system will delight the passengers while the driver cruises the Alpine roads in perfect comfort. Our Mercedes SLK-Class with a retractable top is stylish, slim and sleek. Put on those Gucci sunglasses for a sporty and fast drive.

Graz offers six famous universities. Two are dedicated to applied sciences and one to music and arts. Explore the old town with Roman roots. Visit the Clock Tower and the Glockenspiel with rotating figures that sing and dance at certain hours of the day. Climb the Schloßberg and have an open-air meal whilst admiring the views. A bottle of Kernöl, pumpkin seed oil, is a must-buy.

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