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By Ethan Hews

Come snow or sunshine, Abetone is a great destination for that 4WD off-road adventure holiday. Rent an SUV in Florence Peretola Airport (FLR), just a short 90 minute drive from the Abetone mountain ranges. In the winter, the crowds set in, as a popular ski destination that offers some of the best ski tracks in Italy. Yet in the summer, the panoramic pristine views, are enough to make your heart sing, as you set your mind free amidst the open air atmosphere.

Choose a Land Rover

Rent a Range Rover Sport, a premium 4x4, that will get you to the mountainous region with all the requisite strength, and do so with a muscular elegance. A Land Rover Discovery hire is an ideal solid and reliable, mid-size SUV. It commands the road with its strong 4WD capabilities. Drive this beast across the tranquil Lake Scaffaiolo, to reawaken a sense of drama atop this pristine peak of the world. 

Drive a Jeep Wrangler to Maresca

Rent the Jeep Wrangler to get to Maresca, an ancient village situated 790 meters above sea level, of which many of the original Ligurian and Romany relics are still visible. Popular as a trekking destination, it has some beautiful walks amidst the natural surrounds. The BMW X6, possesses an aristocratic presence even as it is climbs up the mountain hillside, it has many added features that deliver an exceptionally smooth and comfortable drive.

From the BMW X6 to the Audi Q3, the great off-road is open to you with the perfect Florence SUV hire.

Let your spirit of adventure fly.

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