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Time Stands Still in Florence

By Nicole Harris

The geographical capital of the region of Tuscany, Florence is also a world capital of culture, history and artistic treasures, rent an Exotic car in Florence and travel into an awe inspiring world.

Our exotic car rentals in Florence are impressive by any account, choose from between the elegant Jaguar XJ that travels with a refined elegance, the sporty and athletic Porsche Cayman S, the F1 power of a Ferrari 458 or for the spirit of adventure hire the Hummer H2, these are the cars you need to take you places. In Florence make sure to see the Galleria degli Uffizi better known in the Italian as Piazzale degli Uffizi. This is one of the world’s most leading art museums filled to capacity with treasures of Renaissance sculptures and paintings, art work from Classical Antiquity such as The Birth of Venus and Primavera. A visit to Galleria degli Uffizi gives you the rare chance to be face to face with some of history’s greatest icons.

Rent the Jaguar XJ in Florence and drive an Exotic car that delivers refinement and elegance in every turn. In its elegant confines travel to Santa Maria del Fiore to see one of Italy’s most beautiful cathedrals, the Pitti Palace, the ornate and elegant palace of the former Medici Royal family and the Boboli Gardens. These wonderfully landscaped botanical gardens offer a fascinating array of sculptures, behind the Pitti Palace and amazing city views from its highest vantage points.

Let time stand still as you discover a world immersed in a timeless elegance and culture with an Exotic Car hire in Florence.

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