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The Porsche's attitude on the open highway

By Ethan Hews

From Milan Malpensa Airport, hire a Porsche to set your world rolling. Our Porsche car hire ranges is as exclusive as it is exciting. Here is a peak preview to capture your imagination.

The Porsche Boxster rental possesses efficient technologies and lightweight construction, this supercar is intelligent as it paces the length of the road. Ultra stylish and ultra cool, forget the technologies, we just love the attitude that this car exudes. Rent the Porsche Boxster for a day or a week and uncover the depth and degrees of this car’s personality on the intricate web or roads in the city of Milan.

The Porsche Macan rental is a compact SUV, characterised by 5 doors, all wheel drive capability and the advantage of a higher sitting position. However, more so than these standard SUV features, the Macan offers something more. As an SUV sportscar, it ticks that intangible element, that ingredient that gives life its pizzazz, making life a lot less ordinary, but a lot more fun. Take to the inner city streets of Milan where you can shop, eat and enjoy the cultural districts like Duomo and the city skyscrapers of Pirelli Tower and the Torre Velasca, all possessing that intangible, yet uniquely italian ingredient of an exciting soul.

From the Porsche Panamera to the 911, our Porsche hire range has it all. Set yourself on the roads leading out of Milan Malpensa Airport in a Porsche rental

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