Rent Bentley in Milan Malpensa Airport

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By Scott Jawns

The power of luxury needs to be realised, before it can truly affect one’s sense of reality. Rent a Bentley from Milan Malpensa Airport to ignite an experience from which there is no return.

A Bentley keeps its Promise

The Bentley Continental GT rental, promises a ride of pure luxury performance, engineered with a 4.0 liter V8 engine, it brims with personality from its ferocious roar at acceleration to a mild purr, barely discernable at rest. Rent either the Continental GT or his twin in the convertible, they both offer an undiluted experience of luxurious pleasure on the open road.

Drop the top of your Bentley Continental GTC and set across the highways leading out of Milan Malpensa Airport, discover the rich world of history, culture and geography in the Lombardy region. The Alpine mountain ranges of Lepontine and Rhaetian and the lakes region, of Lake Como, Lake Iseo and Lake Idro, all combine to offer breathtaking pristine views that will set your mind free.

Drive a Bentley in Milan

The Mulsanne can be delivered to you on your arrival at Milan Malpensa Airport. Rent this hand-made powerful luxury car to experience the fashionable and sophisticated city of Milan. Make your stay at the Berna Hotel Milan, which flouts a great renaissance charm, wine and dine at Baci e Abbracci and while the night away at Navigli, a night club/bar with the right vibe.

Among our Bentley models, we would like to recommend you the Bentley Bentayga, a super luxury SUV with the DNA of a super sports cars. Enjoy a very high-standard drive aboard this supremely stylish Bentley SUV.

Anyway you spend your time, luxury is best experienced with your Bentley hire from Milan Malpensa Airport.

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