Rent 4x4 in Milan Malpensa Airport

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By Nicole Harris

Considering a ski holiday on the Alps of Milan? Now is the perfect time to rent an SUV from Milan Malpensa Airport for a sensational winter holiday. Log fires, ski chalets, an exhilarating ski drive down the slopes, we love our ski winter holidays and we hope you will join us for a memorable one.

In the Valle d'Aosta region there are a number of ski resorts that are in ideal proximity to Milan Malpensa Airport, close enough to get there in decent time, long enough to thoroughly enjoy the ride. Rent the elite BMW X3 M, a high end SUV for the high end VIP traveller. A mid-size 4x4 SUV, it has additional technological features that enhances the pleasure of its drive, such as varying driving modes and variable sport steering.

From Milan Malpensa Airport have the Range Rover HSE or the Mercedes Benz ML Class delivered to you within moments after your flight arrival. Make tracks in either one of these high performance 4WD to Cervinia, that has some of the best facilities available for the whole family to enjoy. Rent our Milan SUVs for the week or the month or however long you like, these stylish and powerful off roaders are a great way to climb through the snowy Alps.

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