Rent Ferrari in Milan Malpensa Airport

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By Scott Jawns

Encounter a union of phenomenal proportions, rent a Ferrari from Milan Malpensa Airport to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to immerse oneself in the great love of the Italian luxurious lifestyle.

The Ferrari 458 rental, is the iconic Italian Ferrari, available in the Speciale, Italia and Spider, each with their own attitude, choose the Ferrari 458, that speaks to you. Simply bursting to get on to the open road, see the best iconic spots of Milan with your Ferrari 458 hire, such as Dialogo nel Buio, L'Ultima Cena, and Chiesa di Santa, each will leave you simply inspired.

Potentially Ferrari’s fastest car the Ferrari 599 GTO rental, delivers on speed and prowess through its superior engineering. With an incredibly light build it accelerates to a speed over 335km/h. Keep in mind, this one “‘aint for for the light hearted”. If you’ve got the nerve to get behind this road zapping beast, we recommend a sprawl on the open highways for a day trip to Monza, Como or Trez Sulle Adda. Experience the authenticity of Italy.

Rent the Ferrari 612, in a black steely design it implies a dynamic power, able to transport a mind from the mundane to the phenomenal. Made of carbon materials, it is thrillingly nimble and perfectly balanced, allowing you to take on narrow corners in a whisk of time. Navigate your way through the maze of old streets that lead to Duomo court, to test out the finesse of this super car. Rent a Ferrari from Milan Malpensa Airport to embrace the Italian greats.

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