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Go deep sea diving in the waters of Ibiza

By Ethan Hews

The waters around Ibiza offer stunning opportunities to see aquamarine life, coral reefs and underwater caves. Create an experience of a life time.

Arrive at Ibiza Airport (IBZ) and step straight into your high-class Audi. Our friendly Meet and Greet Service will have every last detail pre-arranged for you. Hire an Audi in Ibiza and set off to the Sea Horse Sub-Aqua Centre.

Thrill your senses with our Audi A5 Cabriolet. With its high degree of sportiness and an open top, you cannot fail to be suitably charmed. Alternatively, enjoy a unique form of sportiness in our Audi S5. This high-performance masterpiece comes standard with quattro four-wheel drive system. Immerse yourself and your passengers in the luxury of a prestigious vehicle.

Ibiza’s West Coast features a 15-island archipelago called Cala d’Hort. The Sea Horse Sub-Aqua Centre is one of the most suitably equipped companies to take you diving into the paradise that lies below these waters. Unimaginable beauty, magnificent coloured sea creatures, dark and foreboding caves await. Beginner or professional, there is a dive for everyone. When you surface, relax with an ice cold exotic drink in a tall glass and take in the stunning sunset.

For stress free transport arrangements into the city, Ibiza Audi rental is the superior option.

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