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Soak up the sun on Ibiza’s magnificent beaches

By Scott Jawns

Relax on a stunning hot and sunny Mediterranean beach. Ibiza has the best to offer for sun lovers and people watchers.

Drive to the beach and create a stir, luxury car rental in Ibiza is the way to do it.

Feel special with a Porsche

When you step into a vehicle and your world feels exclusively different and special you are sitting in a Porsche 718 Boxster. This mid-engined, two-seater roadster epitomises the spirit of a top-down beauty. For a larger group, try a super sized 8-seater luxury car. Our Mercedes V-Class will enchant driver and passengers. The famous Mercedes style and quality is all there, with added spaciousness.

The perfect beach vacation

Be seen in your skimpy Odina designer swimsuit on Benirras Beach. It offers a grainy, rocky sand and clear blue-green waves. Cala d’en Serra, an oval-shaped beach on the north coast, is surrounded by towering massive cliffs, cerulean waters and fine, golden sand. Be adventurous and get an all-over tan at Aguas Blancas. Then relax over a fine dining fusion meal at the Blue Marlin on Cala Jondal Beach. Sip an exotic cocktail and watch the people.

Rent a luxury vehicle at Ibiza Airport (IBZ) for a perfect vacation in Ibiza. Dream it and let us make it happen, we have packages to suit your every wish.

Frequent Questions

Can I rent a luxury car in Ibiza?

If you are over 25 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license you can rent a luxury car in Ibiza. We have an extensive range of the latest models from iconic brands. Add a thrill to a romantic holiday with a Porsche coupé. Drive in style and comfort with a larger group in a BMW X6. We also offer exclusive Jaguars, Mercedes and Aston Martin models. Our Luxury Car Hire Ibiza Service will have the model of your dreams.

How much does it cost to rent a luxury car in Ibiza for a day?

The Jaguar XJ is a true excitement provider, touted as Jaguar’s pinnacle saloon car. It rents out for a very affordable 295 Euros per day.

If you enjoy the class and style of BMW, we recommend the BMW X6, a powerful, athletic sporty model that is ideal for a family or larger group. It carries a daily cost of around 330 Euros.

In our exclusive Porsche range, the iconic Porsche 718 Boxster will turn heads as you cruise the streets of Ibiza. It will cost you more or less 400 Euros per day. Also in the Porsche range and ideal for a family or group, is the Porsche Cayenne. This unique SUV style Porsche allows space for passengers and luggage while still offering the speed and power of a racetrack brand. It costs around 350 Euros per day.

Thrill your senses with the Aston Martin Rapide, a luxurious high-performance 4-door sports saloon from the iconic British car manufacturer. It has a daily cost of about 800 Euros.

For German engineering and attention to detail, the beautiful Mercedes Maybach stands in a league of its own. It will cost you more or less
1400 Euros per day.

Where can I rent a luxury car in Ibiza? 

Our Rent a Car Luxury Service Ibiza offers you the choice of specifying your point of collection. We can meet you at the Airport, at your 5-star hotel or luxury villa. You decide what is most convenient for you.

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