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Rent Bentley cars in Ibiza, Spain

By Scott Jawns

Our Ibiza Bentley rental service offers you the best of two worlds - a Bentley with the lovely scenes of Ibiza, Spain, which is known for its hot clubbing and night light scene as well as its beautiful beaches and hotels. 

Whether it is a for a summer party, a family vacation or a romantic weekend, we will provide you with the best Ibiza Bentley hire according to your specific needs & preferences. 

The Sumptuous Bentley GTC

Ibiza calls for a prestigious car rental and to spice up a little things, let us recommend you the sumptuous Bentley Continental GTC. This imposing open-top cruiser provides a smooth and quiet ride, whilst producing an extremely powerful performance. The Bentley GTC copes very well at high speeds. Just imagine yourself at the wheel of this emblematic sunny cruiser as you make your way among the Ibiza jet setters. 

And if you would rather drive the coupe version, we will be glad to deliver to you the Bentley Continental GT. Lighter than its convertible sibling, the Grand Tourer coupe is also more powerful. Both models are 2 door, four-seater cars.

Drive a Super Luxury SUV

Besides the classic Bentleys, we also would like to attract your attention to the spectacular Bentley Bentayga. This super luxury SUV is available as a 4,5 or 7 seater and with its bold stance, the Bentayga will make heads turn, even in Ibiza!

Enjoy the beatifully trimmed leather seats, the strong performance and the generous equipment of this super fast and super luxury SUV. 

Take your rented Bentley GTC for a short drive from Ibiza to Sant Antonio, a town well-known for its sandy beaches and night-clubs.

Make the most of your stay in Ibiza with a stylish Bentely rental and grant yourself the ultimate driving experience with the total peace of mind that our Bentley Ibiza rental service will provide you.

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