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See the Metropol's Parasol

By Scott Jawns

The Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world. At first glance it looks like a giant waffle hovering over the city.

Hire a Jeep in Seville and visit an amazing modern architectural feat.

This fabulous structure is located in the Old Quarter of Seville, in La Encarnación square. It was completed in 2011 after six years of construction plagued by a host of problems. The design is made up of a series of undulating curves, covering an area of over 12000 square metres. It is built predominantly of wooden interleaves supported by steel.

Inside, you will find an archaeological site, a fabulous farmers market, an elevated plaza with stunning views and multiple bars and restaurants in which to relax. The architect, Jürgen Mayer, describes this incredible construction as a modern Cathedral without walls that combines the historic Seville with the modern Seville. Snapping pictures of this awe-inspiring building is a must!

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Jeep Rental in Seville, Spain

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Rent Jeep Wrangler in Seville

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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Jeep Patriot

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

Rent Jeep Grand Cherokee in Seville

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