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Malaga; Celebrate the Sunshine

By Nicole Harris

Whether it is the brute force your after, the spacious luxury interior or the car with all the presence to make an introduction, hire a Jeep in Malaga, as this is the 4WD that tops the list. Malaga is a major tourist destination as the capital city of Costa del Sol and enjoys more than its fair share of sunshine situated as it is on Spain’s southern border.

Drive a Jeep Wrangler

From Malaga Airport make tracks into the city driving the Jeep Wrangler SUV hire.This 4WD is built with a 3.6 L engine and 285 bhp producing an incredible force of power on its four wheel drive system that will get you to any corner of Malaga. The first stop in Malaga should always be the Alcazaba, an extremely fascinating Moorish palace that was built at the turn of the 11th century.

Yet despite its exotic appeal, it is situated at the center of the city giving visitors an amazing insight into a world long gone. Upon entering your climb past the old ramparts that offer spectacular views of Malaga, enjoy the ambience of the lush green gardens and then finally walk into the interior of the ancient caste.

From Malaga to Barcelona and Madrid

Rent the Jeep Grand Cherokee and drive a luxurious SUV with plenty of room for a group, be it your family or friends. See the ancient roman theater, Castillo de Gibralfaro, the Malaga Cathedral or the Picasso Museum. Each in their own right are highly impressive and iconic tourist sites that justify a long journey away from Spain’s centers of Barcelona and Madrid.

Yet when the sun comes down, head towards the beach for a lazy and relaxed evening taking in the warm sun and the soft gentle rhythm of the waves crashing against the bay.

Enjoy a traditional Andalusian meal at Bodeguita El Gallo and a sweet Malaga wine to finish it off. Life really doesn’t get much better than this.

Frequent Questions

How to rent a Jeep in Malaga?

Simply call us and one of our professional consultants will give you with all the information you need. We will confirm prices, dates and the delivery venue. You need to have a valid drivers license and be over the age of 25 years. If you prefer that we call you, complete the Get a Quote Form on our website and wait for our call. The process is easy and fast, leaving you time to plan your exciting road trip.

What is the daily cost to rent a Jeep in Malaga?

Rent a classic Jeep Grand Cherokee at a very attractive 200 Euros per day. This performance driven mid-sized luxury SUV is ideal for a long road trip with a family or group of friends. The Jeep Wrangler at about 250 Euros per day impresses with its rugged look, ready to take on those breath-taking mountain passes. Designed to conquer the outdoors, the Jeep Wrangler Open Top new is the model of choice. It has a daily cost of around 260 Euros. Also highly recommended is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with a daily cost starting at 270 Euros.

Where can I rent a Jeep in Malaga?

Rent a Car Jeep Malaga Service will arrange to deliver a Jeep to any location you choose in Malaga. Allow us meet you in the Arrivals Hall at the Airport, at your seaside villa or boutique hotel. You decide what suits you best and we will fit in with your road trip itinerary. Our elite service is designed to impress the most discerning clients.

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