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Feel the passion that comes from perfection

By Ethan Hews

Distinctive. Powerful. Efficient. Hire a Mercedes from Alicante Airport (ALC) to discover the beautiful world that lies within intricate attention to detail. Alicante, a port city that lies on the Mediterranean shoreline of Spain, has a rich cultural heritage, delicious food and aromatic wines. Alicante is a world not shy of showing its luxurious side, a side that would be a crime for you to shy away from.

Rent the powerful and yet elegant Mercedes M Class, with a luxuriously comfortable interior, this exuberant SUV delivers a power output of 258hp and 620Nm with minimal fuel consumption. Feel the passion and the heat as you arrive a board this powerful 4WD at the Flamenco Shows of Torres Bermejas. Let yourself be swept up in the rhythm of this passionate traditional Spanish dance. Set up on the intricately decorated stage of Torres Bermejas, the background scenery beautifully lends itself to the dancers’ elegant movements.

The M class Mercedes Fleet also includes the enigmatic and desirable ML 63 AMG 4Matic, designed with the distinctive purpose of crossing through almost any terrain. Head off the highway to visit the remote villages near Alicante. Javea, its old town and port, makes a wonderful day’s outing without the tourist buzz. For the scent of something slightly familiar visit the seaside resort of Benidorm to ride through the elegant treelined avenues akin to the tastes of its many british residents.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz in Alicante because the elusive status of perfection never comes around twice.

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