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Simplicity lies at the core of glamour

By Nicole Harris

When you’re all glamoured up, make sure you’ve got places to go. Once dressed in your tux or evening gown, a Mercedes model makes the perfect nightlife accessory. Rent a Mercedes from Madrid Airport, because this city is brimming with destinations primed to show off your impeccable taste.

Exclusive Mercedes

For a super sporty drive, rent the high-performance Mercedes AMG GT, a two-seater supercar with a heart-breaking exterior design as well as an opulent interior. The boot can accomodate a few bags for a weekend. Also on offer, you may wish to try out its sibling, the Mercedes AMG GTS that provides even more horsepower.

Make heads turn while stepping off your rented Mercedes AMG GT at the Spanish National Orchestra on Calle Principe de Vergara. The building is elegant and ornate in its decorative detail, by no surprise it is the main concert venue of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra as well as touring classical artists and orchestras. The serenity of sound emanates from here.

Hire the S65 AMG its dignified and exquisite composure does not convey the fierce power purring behind its bodywork. Driven by 621 horsepower, this luxury Mercedes sedan does not take life lightly. For those who appreciate pure form and precision hire the S550 4MATIC coupe as it accelerates on the boundaries of automotive progress. Make your evening at the Teatro Real, the main opera theater in Madrid, the drama of its performances uplift with an emotional depth.

Rent a Mercedes from Madrid Airport as the city demands an occasion of supreme elegance.

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