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Eat Paella in Valencia, it is a tradition

By Scott Jawns

Paella is a deep rooted tradition in Valencia. Go on a spree and taste the different varieties.

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Drive a car that is sumptuous and ostentatious. Our Roll-Royce Phantom Coupé is the embodiment of lavishness. It offers a splendid hand-built cabin, a massive V12 engine and a truly royal street presence. Drive a car equal to your image, sink into the luxurious elegance of our Rolls-Royce Wraith. In true British style, it offers endless allure with a sporty touch.

Paella is a rice dish with ancient roots that originated near the Albufera lagoon in Valencia. A traditional paella consists of rice, chicken, rabbit, green beans with variations on the vegetables. Some restaurants also serve a seafood version. Note that Paella is only eaten by the locals at lunchtime and never in the evenings, and lunch can take a long time! Head off to Restaurant Levante for a traditional version and then to La Pepica for a seafood option. The brave can try Casa Roberto’s Paella Valenciana, full of snails and veggies.

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