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Too much of a good thing… is wonderful

By Scott Jawns

Every so often life needs the warm touch of a little indulgence. In the tranquil atmosphere of Seville, this city seems to be the most predisposed location of where true indulgence could easily be found. Hire a Maserati in Seville for the moment of extravagance must begin on arrival.

Our Maserati Range

Rent the Maserati Quattroporte for its elegant performance and drive this luxury sedan through the maze of roads in Seville’s old city. The grand historic settings such as the Barrio de Santa Cruz and the Moroccan riad style decor of the palaces make the perfect atmosphere for the arts of indulgence, be it a soak in the hot baths or a stay in the sauna. Welcome the evening at the teteria (tea houses) found within the ancient surrounds to enjoy a silver pot of mint tea.

In either the Ghibli hire or the GranTurismo,  head towards the center of town, near the grounds of Seville’s cathedral for the fantastic tapas restaurants to be found there. Tapas, are anything served in small dishes. The local favourites include the tortilla española (a potato omelet), pulpo gallego (Galician octopus), aceitunas (an olive pate), patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), and queso manchego (a sheep's cheese from the La Mancha region). Determine your favourite at Taberna Coloniales who do great justice to each of the dishes, downed with some world quality wine and beer.

Drive a Maserati SUV

If you are planning a road trip with a larger group, what about testing the stylish Maserati Levante? This large five seater SUV combines the versatility and the practicallity of an SUV but also the performance of a true Maserati. A most recommended option to travel in and around Seville. 

Rent a Maserati in Seville for the moment of indulgence. It’s all just fun and games… ‘till your jeans don’t fit anymore.

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