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Holy moly!

By Scott Jawns

Seville is the hottest major metropolitan area in Europe, and we are not just talking about its high temperatures, we are talking HOT as in tapas bars and flamenco dancers, vibrant plazas and festivities. Hire an Aston Martin in Seville and discover the variety of colors and flavours of the capital of Andalusia.

Seville is a city of festivals and the most famous ones take place during Holy Week and the weeks following. Hire the exclusive, high-performance Aston Martin DB9 Volante and see the long processions that escort large, richly bedecked images and life-size tableaux of scenes from the Easter story through the streets of Seville. Finishing the sombre Semana Santa, the Feria de Abril begins with its jolly spirit. Families, businesses and organizations set up tents in which they spend the week eating, dancing, drinking, and socializing. See the women dressed in polka dot flamenco dresses and join in the fun of the biggest and most colourful of Andalucía's festivals.

Seville is a city of eaters and drinkers. Join the Sevillians’ pastime and drive your exclusive four-seat four-door high performance Aston Martin Rapide from one tapas bar to the next enjoying the savory small dishes and drinking wine or beer. After dinner, go see a flamenco show or stroll down the Plaza de España.

Hire an Aston Martin in Seville and join the festivities of the most colorful city in Spain.

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