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underwater adventure at l’oceanografic

By Scott Jawns

L'Oceanogràfic in Valencia is the largest complex of its type in Europe. It has a surface area of 110,000 sqm and a water capacity of 42,000,000 litres.

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This astounding towering building houses 45,000 different species, including sharks, penguins, dolphins, walruses, sea lions and beluga whales, each in its own specially re-created eco-system. See the underwater world from the Arctic and the Antarctic, the tropical seas, the islands, the temperate seas and the Red Sea. Dolphin lovers will be thrilled at the spectacular dolphinarium. Have a way-out dinner at the Underwater Restaurant. Sit on the upper level, it an island in the middle of the lake or the lower level, where you will be surrounded by fish swimming in a massive aquarium.

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