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Visit the barrio del Carmen in Valencia

By Scott Jawns

See a different side of Valencia. The Barrio Del Carmen offers a diverse and different bohemian night life.

Sports car rental in Valencia gives you the opportunity to show off your love of rare and unique cars.

Create show-stopping moments when you fire up the engine of our Zonda Revolucion. Join the handful of affluent drivers on the planet who have actually experienced this monster. Constructed mainly from carbon fibre, this vehicle is the apex of performance, technology and art. For those who are not shy, drive our Bugatti Veyron. This 8-litre, mid engine grand touring car is the ultimate expression of pure indulgence.

The Barrio del Carmen bursts with life at night. It offers an amazing kaleidoscope of cultures, ambiances and personalities. Explore the hidden, crazy maze of this old neighbourhood. See the Tower Gates which mark the entrance to the Old Quarter. Visit the ancient churches and museums. Stroll around in the Plaza bursting with fountains and orange trees. Relax in the lovely Turia Gardens before setting off for a night of fun to Bolsería. This popular and trendy club offers live music ranging from jazz to hip-hop.

For the ultimate show-off factor, hire a sports car in Valencia. Our friendly Meet and Greet Service awaits at Valencia Airport (VLC).

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