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Take a day trip to the Village of Sagunto

By Nicole Harris

Rent a prestige vehicle and take a day trip to Saguntum castle and village of Sagunto. It is a scenic drive in your executive car.

Hire an executive vehicle in Valencia and take a drive to the village of Sagunto.

Comfort & Space

If you are exploring with a larger group, book one of our luxury SUVs, like a 7 seater Mercedes GLS and enjoy a safe, comfortable and spacious drive, with an engine of note. Likewise, the large Audi Q7 and BMW X7 provide ample seating for seven people as well as a safe and rewarding drive.

Alternatively, you can also choose to drive a full-size luxury sedan, such as an Audi A6, a BMW 7 Series or a Mercedes S-Class. The Porsche Panamera, a fast and sporty sedan is also a great rental option. Whatever your choice will be, each of these cars will delight you with their stylish looks, exhilarating performance and brilliant technology.

Visit the Village of Sagunto

North of Valencia, set on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea, is a sprawling city ruin that dates back to Hannibal’s era. A small plantation still bears his name. Sagunto is an ancient city, built in the 5th century BC, when the Celtiberians built a settlement surrounded by a wall on the hill overseeing the plain. Explore the ruins and see stunning views. Take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets that lie below the ruin. There are quaint chapels and fabulous restaurants. See the last steel oven closed in 1984, that is now a tourist attraction. Stop for lunch at the Restaurante Serp. The tapenades are fantastic!

Valencia prestige car rental offers a choice of luxury vehicles to thrill the senses.

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