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By Nicole Harris

A fabulous Medieval clock tower, the Zytglogge, will delight you in the lovely Swiss city of Berne.

Don't drive anything less than a sought-after, prestigious car, rent a McLaren in Berne.

The stunning McLaren 675LT, long tail, with carbon-fibre body and ultra lightweight engine offers a superior driving experience. This beauty made its world d├ębut at the International Geneva Motor Show in 2015 and thrilled with its sleek lines and unparalleled power. Also unveiled in the same year, in New York, was the McLaren 570S. This racetrack inspired car focuses on 'day-to-day usability and driveability'.

Collect your premium drive and head for centre of the Old Town where you will find the famous astronomical calendar Clock Tower built in 1530. Just before the hour, huge figures of jesters, bears and a massive king revolve around the clock and on the hour chimes ring out across the city. The clock is a marvel of design with a massive clock mechanism and bells that weigh over 1400 kilos. The bell striker is a huge figure, covered in gold, who lifts his hand to strike the bell with a huge hammer.

This architectural wonder will delight historians and culture lovers. Join a tour to learn about the fascinating story of the clock. Then head off for lunch to the Altes Tramdepot. Order the Bernese plate, a delicious meal of sausages, bacon, smoked pork sirloin, boiled beef, potatoes and sauerkraut.

Be a leader and set the pace, McLaren rental in Berne offers an unparalleled selection of exclusive vehicles.

McLaren Rental in Berne, Switzerland

McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S Berne Rental

The Mclaren 650S rental is all about excellence at every turn

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McLaren 570S

New ArrivalMcLaren 570S Berne Rental

Put force to power in the supercar that is the envy of the racing car world by renting the McLaren 570S from Europe Luxury Car Hire

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McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C Berne Rental

Hire a McLaren MP4-12C and drive a super sports car with the performance of a supercar and the ride quality of an executive saloon

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McLaren 540C

New ArrivalMcLaren 540C Berne Rental

Enviably fast and dynamic, hire the McLaren 540C as it delivers supercar punch for your next big thrill

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McLaren 675LT

New ArrivalMcLaren 675LT Berne Rental

There are supercars, and there is the Mclaren 675LT rental, offering drivers the experience of raw adrenaline, unleashed and untamed

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McLaren P1

McLaren P1 Berne Rental

Hire the sold out limited edition of McLaren P1 for the perfect driving experience

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