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A relaxed city in comfort and style

By Brittany Nue

Coming from Zürich or Geneva, it’s hard to remember that Bern – once voted Europe’s most floral city – is the nation’s capital. For all its political status, Bern is a small city that through the years has retained a small town’s feel. When looking to get away from the daily hustle of your daily routine, hire a prestige car in Bern and relax.

Get on your Lexus LS Hybrid, a sublime and iconic piece of automotive engineering and go up to The Rosengarten where you can walk around the rosarium and enjoy the scenic panoramic view of the medieval town centre. An impressive vehicle with tremendous power, the LS hybrid line boasts nearly every tech, comfort, and luxury amenity available in its class. Once you finish wandering around the rosarium, enjoy lunch at the Rosengarten Restaurant, where you can re-discover traditional dishes and enjoy a wide selection of refined Mediterranean creations in a stylish surrounding.

Not too far from the Rosengarten is Bern's Bear Park. Drive your Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale across the turquoise River Aare and visit the city’s mascot bears Urs,Berna, Björk and Finn. The GranTurismo MC Stradale is a big, powerful and sporty Grand Tourer and Maserati’s first street-legal racing car.

Enjoy the Swiss capital’s relaxed atmosphere in comfort and style. Hire a prestige car in Bern and recharge your batteries.

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