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Bond, James Bond

By Scott Jawns

Bern might be thought of as all Alpine and cold, but that infamous white bikini worn by the original Bond Girl Ursula Andress on that beach in Dr No has certainly brought some heat unto the Swiss. Both Ursula Andress and quintessential English gentleman spy James Bond have Swiss blood running through their veins. Bring some heat to your travels through Bern and hire a Mercedes Benz on your next trip.

Get on board the newest Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, a 2 seater with superb driving dynamics, aggressive stance and high performance, and go up to The Rosengarten where you can walk around the rosarium and enjoy the scenic panoramic view of the medieval town centre. Re-discover traditional dishes and enjoy a wide selection of refined Mediterranean creations in a stylish surrounding at the Rosengarten Restaurant.

Not too far from the Rosengarten is Bern's Bear Park. Drive your 4X4 Mercedes ML Class across the turquoise River Aare and visit the city’s mascot bears Urs,Berna, Björk and Finn. The 4X4 Mercedes ML Class is a mid-size SUV that allows you to enjoy the power of a four-wheel drive combined with the prestige, comfort and class of a true elite car. The ML550 comes equipped with a powerful 5.5 L V8 engine, reaching a top speed of 250km/h.

Get your vacation heated up and hire a Mercedes Benz in Bern.

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