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By Scott Jawns

Visit the largest annual automotive exhibition in Europe with your own Jaguar F-Type hire in Geneva. The Jaguar F type certainly carries its own prestige well, amongst the top class competition found in the expo. A classic yet sporty two-seater it is the spiritual successor to the revolutionary Jaguar E-Type.

Whilst our Luxury Jaguar service offers all three versions of the F-type for hire, we recommend the most advanced supercharged engine in the V8 S 5.0L 495. It packs away a mighty 495 hp and 460 lb-ft, the 0-to-60 times for this remarkable engine is just 4.2 seconds. Try not to blink. As Jaguar’s first new sports car in 50 years, the F-Type capitalises on advanced technologies to deliver in performance, refinement and efficiency. This Jaguar’s assets include rear-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox, the transmission has been optimized for an instantaneous response and outstanding driver feedback, making it a truly sensational car to drive.

For manual operation, there is the option for steering wheel mounted paddles. Nothing less than a trophy, with sleek lines from what seems like a singular piece of aluminium. The Jaguar F-Type combines rigidity and lightness which allows for precise and agile handling, designed for the optimum driving experience.

The Automotive Expo is a must see destination in Switzerland occurring annually around the month of March, usually attracting over 700,000 car enthusiasts each year. The world’s most remarkable cars are on for show, the range on display varies from cabriolets, executives, hybrids, classics and supercars in all the most expensive and exclusive brands. Make it a must, it’s the best car perv that we know about.

But the best thing about hiring the Geneva Jaguar F-type to go to the Automotive expo, is that she’s the beauty you get to take home afterwards.

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