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By Ethan Hews

The picture-perfect city of Lausanne was loved by Coco Chanel and will enchant you too!

Make a decision to stand apart from the crowd. Jaguar rental in Lausanne offers a range of elite cars for those who aspire to something different.

Our Jaguar F-Type sports car displays sublime elegance, versatility and sportiness in a creation overflowing with raw passion and superior innovation. Enjoy the detailed interior refinements and the precise, agile handling. For something really superior, the Jaguar XF sport sedan offers exhilarating performance without compromising on efficiency. Drive one in Lausanne.

This delightful city lies on the shores of the shimmering Lake Geneva and offers an enchanting experience of water, high hills and narrow cobblestone streets. Stroll along the Lakeside Promenade and soak up the sun. Stop for a swim at Piscine de Bellerive and then settle down for a late breakfast at Café de Grancy. Wander around the ancient lanes of Vieille Ville, the Old Town and visit the beautiful Cathédrale de Notre Dame.

Enjoy authentic fondue at the scenic Place de la Palud, the local market square and then set off on a chocolate tour to learn about this age-old luxury craft. Sports lovers must explore the Olympic Museum with its modern interactive displays. Stop for a drink at Les Arches and settle down for the night at the beautiful Chateau d’Ouchy with panoramic lake views.

Hire a Jaguar in Lausanne, we offer comprehensive rental packages for holiday and business needs.

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