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Prestigious to the Core

By Scott Jawns

At the height of European class, elegance and style is Geneva, hire an Exotic car to get a more intimate understanding of everything this entails. Our Exotic cars in Geneva are each the most high performance models within their already prestigious brands. Offering excellent automotive engineering with the latest technologies and exceptional comfort in their luxurious designs. An Exotic Car rental in Geneva is the only proper way to see this prestigious city.

From behind the wheel of the incredibly powerful LaFerrari see the city’s wonderful iconic sites such as the Jet d’Eau that shoots water in Lake Geneva for meters up into the air creating quite the spectacle. Visit Cathédrale St-Pierre and be awe inspired as you visit this space of unique spiritual, religious and cultural importance. While the Old Town or Vieille Ville is enjoyed for its simple charm of a cold drink on a warm summer’s night watching the crowds mill past without a worry in the world. Each equally important as the next in the minds of Geneva’s locals.

Within the confines of the elegant and exotic Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabrio travel across the city to see the internationally important Palais des Nations. The headquarter of the United Nations in Europe. Much of the Palais des Nations is open to the public to view with a museum on European History and a view of many of its most important rooms such as the great Assembly Hall. The Palais des Nations is also the site of the UN’s subsidiary organisations such as the World Health Organisation.

With a regal presence and quality fittings be assured that our Exotic car rentals in Geneva will see you through in perfect composure.

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