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By Scott Jawns

Relocating to Geneva? A Mercedes lease hire is available from Europe Luxury Car Hire.

A Beautiful Two-Seater Cabriolet

The SL-Class is a beautiful two-seater roadster from the Mercedes Benz arsenal. Featuring a retractable steel roof that collapses into a compact space, a Mercedes SL rental gives you open-air driving when the weather is nice, and converts into a hardtop sports coupe in poor weather conditions. This feature means that renting a Mercedes SL convertible allows you to be both elegant and practical whilst driving around European cities, come rain or shine.
The black interior appearance is prestigious and luxurious, while the handling, braking and acceleration gives you the feeling of a true luxury sports car.

Hiring the Geneva Mercedes SL will allow you the opportunity to enjoy a cabriolet that is sporty, light and short, thus the German “Sportlich und Leicht” and the abbreviation, SL. The SL convertible features a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder engine, giving you all the sufficient power you need to flaunt the perfect looks of this inspiring machine.

Glide along the Promenade de la Treille

Glide your Mercedes Benz SL-Class Geneva rental along the promenade de la Treille a small turn off the Old City. The promenade de la Treille, comprises a long terrace over parc des Bastions. Constructed in the early 18th century, its majestic scenery is as much elegant as it is mysterious, capturing your imagination and wonder. Lined with a double row of century old trees on one side, the other side comprises a vast open look out over the historical parc des bastions. In the city of Voltaire and Rousseau, one can’t help but wonder the ideas conceived here that perhaps changed the course of history?
Our Luxury Car Hire service offers many SL-Class rentals in Geneva amongst the wider Mercedes car hire range, so don't hesitate to contact us to flaunt the car that inspires the imagination. 

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