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Experience the Olympic legacy of Bergisel

By Scott Jawns

Visit the famous Bergisel Hill for Olympic legacy and a touch of history.

Add a dash of panache to your holiday package, rent a Maserati in Innsbruck.

For a premium four-seater cabriolet, drive our Maserati Grancabrio MC. This car offers the ultimate motoring experience with awesome power, superb looks and luxurious comfort. If you are looking for a thrilling-to-drive, comfortable, eye-catching and extraordinary sedan, it is known in the elite circles as the Maserati Ghibli S. Give it a drive on your next vacation in Austria.

Travel south of Innsbruck and be awed at the 746m tall hill known as Bergisel. It is famous the world over for its superb winter sports facilities. Experience the breath-taking new Olympia ski-jump and the Bergiselschanze. Climb up the tower for panoramic views over the city. Learn all about the fascinating history of the hill. It saw heroic battles in 1809 when Tyrolese peasants freed their capital from French and Bavarian occupying forces. Visit the touching memorial set below the ski jump, it was created as a tribute to those who fought for their freedom.

Flaunt your style, Maserati rental in Innsbruck offers mind-blowing luxury cars for the ultimate driving experience.

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