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the Hungerburgbahn Funicular

By Scott Jawns

Designed by Zaha Hadid, this amazing building is a site to behold, rising from the snow like some amorphous ice formation.

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If you are looking for supreme exclusiveness, rent the fabulous Porsche Macan Turbo. Experience the all-consuming performance and interior cabin luxury in this vehicle with its iconic design. Our Porsche Cayman is a rear mid-engined, rear wheel drive offering a two-seat experience in a luxurious sports car. Experience the thrill in Innsbruck.

Take a ride in this spectacular funicular railway to the heights of the mountains. It glitters in the sun and presents an eye-catching structure that defies gravity and imagination. No wonder it won awards for design! Travel through the tunnel, then over the bridge across the Inn River, traverse an incline of 46 percent to reach Hungerburg 860m above sea level. Continue up to the 1905m high Seegrube, where the views are beyond one's imagination. If you want to go even higher, head for the 2256m Hafelekar, where you can relax in the cosy Karstube Restaurant which promises 350 days of cloud-free views a year.

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