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Visit the fabulous Goldenes Dachl

By Brittany Nue

The Goldenes Dachl is the focal point of the Old Town and the most characteristic landmark in Innsbruck.

Visit an iconic venue in an iconic vehicle, Ferrari Innsbruck rental is the only way to travel.

For an intense driving experience, harness the unbridled power of twelve cylinders in our Ferrari F12berlinetta. When nothing less than perfection will suffice, this is the car for you. The Ferrari FF, two Fs for four seater and four wheel drive, will accommodate a larger group, without compromising on the luxurious driving experience you expect.

The Goldenes Dachl was built in 1493. This magnificent structure is something to behold, with 2738 fire gilded copper tiles that gleam in the daylight. Originally designed to serve as a royal box, the emperor and his entourage could sit in state, observing the festivities taking place in the square below. Built in honour of Emperor Maximilian's second marriage and not wishing to lose his allies gained by his first marriage, he had an image of himself painted on the balcony between the two women. Admire this magnificent building when the sun goes down and sets the dome alight with a magnificent sparkle of gold!

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