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Explore the stunning ambras castle in Innsbruck

By Scott Jawns

Visiting on business or pleasure, you cannot leave Innsbruck without a trip to the iconic Ambras Castle. It dominates the skyline of the city and is one of its most famous attractions.

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For a fun street-legal go-kart, drive our quirky Mini Cooper Clubman S. This nifty car is a smile-maker and will get the attention of other drivers on the road as you cruise through Innsbruck. For something more substantial, we offer the fabulous Range Rover Vogue. You will love its on-road handling and off-road capabilities and awesome power.

Ambras Castle was built by the Archduke Ferdinand II, between 1529 and 1595. Explore the two levels, the lower is a museum featuring the Archduke's collection of art, arms, armour and books. The upper level is a Portrait Gallery. with awe-inspiring works. The Gallery of Wonders displays coral, ivory and fabulous European artefacts. Stroll through the amazing Spanish Hall which has walls adorned with 27 full-length portraits of the rulers of Tyrol. Then relax in the glorious gardens amongst the peacocks and views of the stunning River Inn.

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