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Learn how to waltz at a Viennese Ball

By Scott Jawns

Vienna hosts more than 450 balls every year. This city of majestic opulence, classical music, romance and elegance all culminate in a waltzing delight to the strains of beautiful orchestral music.

Hire a Mercedes in Austria, brush up on your dance steps and arrive at the ball in style.

Our Mercedes GL 63 AMG SUV offers refinement and luxury, maximum safety, striking design and the dynamism expected from Mercedes. If you have not driven one yet, now is the time. Our deluxe Mercedes E400 Sedan exudes performance and cutting-edge technology in an appealing mid-size package. Perfect for a lady in a sumptuous ball gown by Versace.

Viennese balls open formally with a ceremony that showcases professional dancers doing a polonaise, a waltz and a Fledermaus Quadrille. After that it is your turn. Gentleman ask the lady to dance, etiquette, manners and elegance are the order of the day. Beautiful flowing gowns will delight the eye and a few dance lessons are a must before you venture into these magnificent halls. Attend the Coffee-house Owners Ball, the Opera Ball and the sweet and frivolous Bonbon Ball at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Austria Mercedes rental is the only way to arrive at a grandiose waltzing ball.

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